Pinel & Pinel

Pinel et Pinel, the elegance of French glassware

Founded in 1998 by Fred Pinel, this French company, whose workshop is located in the heart of Paris, decided to reinvent itself by creating a range of cigar humidors with an exclusive and sophisticated design. From cedar wood to Egyptian fig wood, via wenge, a precious tropical wood, your Pinel & Pinek humidor will be unique because it can be customized according to your desires. Combining perfect cigar preservation with an inimitable design, this humidor will become your essential reference.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

A renowned ancestral know-how

Thanks to its French production, the Pinel & Pinel company stands out for its ingenuity and the elegance of its refined products. The alliance of many trades allows the making of unique products with singular characteristics.

A Pinel & Pinel humidor is:

  • A cedar wood interior, ideal for perfect cigar preservation
  • A storage capacity of 69 to 145 cigars depending on their size thanks to its three ergonomic drawers
  • The combination of an efficient humidifier and hygrometer
  • A singular and incomparable design of French conception

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