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The cigar cutter stands as one of the few essential accessories of the "universe" of the cigar. This instrument allows to sharply cut open a cigar to fully savor all its subtle aroma. There are various types of cutters, easy to use, which allow to clearly cut the head of a cigar in various manners. Cigar cutter aficionados will find on our website a wide range of this type of tobacco accessory. From the traditional cigar cutters to the guillotine bold designs, as well as cigar chisels and cigar punches, our website offers a plethora of cigar cutter models to use or collect.


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Showing 1 - 72 of 130 items
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Article & Advice for Cigar Case

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Dozens of low-priced cigar cutters

Humidor Station, an online boutique specialized in cigar cutters and other tobacco accessories, is proud to offer you numerous high-quality products at low prices. For the delight of cigar enthusiasts, we selected the most outstanding models among the leading brands, such as Belflam, Lamborghini, Art & Volutes and many others. We offer, among others, "Cigar perforator" punchers available in different colors (Devil Blue, Midnight Black, Gold, etc.), and a wide range of cigar guillotine cutter, such as Lamborghini's luxury products, Xikar "Drop of Water" cigar cutter, Angelo Blade Wax cutter, or Colibri cutters with 6 blades. A steel chisel will suit the most skilled hands. Moreover, the website offers a wide range of easy to carry safe punches, as well as several gift sets containing the basic tobacco accessories.