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Our website, specializing in accessories for cigar enthusiasts, offers a wide range of hygrometers for cigar humidors. These devices carefully measure and control the humidity inside a cigar cellar. The cigar devotee knows from experience that if a cigar gets too humid, it becomes acid and often moldy. On the other hand, when a cigar gets dry, it crumbles and tastes quite bitter. With a humidifier, a humidor will maintain a balanced humidity level, as perfect hygrometry in a cigar cellar stands around 65%.


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Showing 1 - 25 of 25 items
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Leonardo da Vinci, at the origin of the creation of the hygrometer?

As you can imagine, hygrometry was the subject of various experiments before it was named and used for various purposes. It seems that the very first hygrometer was created in the 1400s and its inventor would be Leonardo da Vinci. Explanations.... Read more

Where to place its hygrometer in its humidor?

Here is a question that deserves some clarification. Indeed, the hygrometer cannot be placed just anywhere in the humidor. Depending on your storage, it will be preferable to place your hygrometer in more strategic places than others. Sometimes... Read more

The different types of hygrometers for your humidor

If you own a humidor, you know that it is important to monitor the humidity level inside. That's where a hygrometer comes in. A hygrometer is a device that measures the amount of water vapor in the air. There are different types of hygrometers,... Read more

What is the purpose of the cigar hygrometer?

A cigar hygrometer is an indispensable tool for any cigar smoker. It allows you to measure the humidity of your cigars, which is important to maintain their quality and flavor. There are many types of cigar hygrometers available on the market, so... Read more

Your quality cigar hygrometer at Humidor Station

To enjoy their cigars, cigar aficionados need to keep them in a humidor (a box, often made of cedar wood, with a capacity to hold large quantities of cigars) with a humidity level, or hygrometry, of between 65% and 70%. Our site offers different types of quality hygrometers, available for purchase at the best prices, which enable you to control the humidity level of your humidor (Adorini deluxe in cedar wood, for example). Cigar aficionados can choose between analog spring hygrometers, or electronic hygrometers, connected or not. Analog spring hygrometers feature a round dial with a pointer. Circled in gold or silver metal, it adds a retro touch to a fine wooden cigar cabinet. The relative humidity on an electronic hygrometer can be read instantly on its liquid crystal display. This modern design is perfect for metal or Plexiglas cigar boxes. Connected hygrometers let you monitor relative humidity from your smartphone. Take advantage of free delivery and fast shipping on all purchases over €90. Monitor the level or temperature of your humidor easily with our hygrometers! Please note, however, that some humidors already come with a humidifier and hygrometer in the right dimensions, so you won't need to buy them unless you want to have plenty in case they break during a trip.

The different features of a cigar hygrometer

Every cigar hygrometer has different characteristics, both in terms of design and technical features. Accuracy, dimensions, preservation, use, measuring function (like a thermometer), electronic or digital display - there's a lot to know before you buy your cigar hygrometer. Each piece stands out on at least one of these last points. However, all the cigar hygrometers in our catalog are extremely easy to use and keep cigars in excellent condition. We advise you to opt for a cigar hygrometer with a high degree of precision to ensure your cigars are well preserved. Such a piece is available at the best price and in different sizes, more or less large. For temperature and humidity measurement, it's always better to spend a little more, but at least you'll be sure your cigars are well preserved. With electronic (or even digital) or more traditional display systems, these accessories are available in many different forms and types, and a good-quality device will enable you to take your cigars with you on your travels.

The cigar hygrometer, an essential humidor accessory

Once you've prepared your humidor with a humidifier and a distilled water solution, it's time for cigar hygrometers. It's not enough to own a cigar humidifier, as the humidifier and hygrometers have completely different functions. The humidifier, on the other hand, uses distilled water to humidify your cigar box or humidor (easier to keep clean if the humidor is made of cedar wood), regardless of the capacity or quantity of cigars stored. The cigar hygrometer, on the other hand, will enable you to keep an eye on the humidity level inside your cigar storage room. Thanks to its ability to determine the temperature, or more precisely the relative humidity, you can then take precautions as to whether or not it's necessary to add distilled water to the humidor. For a humidor or a box such as a humidor (like Adorini Deluxe), the combination of a humidifier and a cigar hygrometer is essential to preserve the aromas of your cigars and the interior of the humidor. With a minimum purchase of 90€, benefit from free delivery!

How to maintain your humidor hygrometer?

A humidor hygrometer is an essential instrument for any cigar enthusiast, as it measures the relative humidity inside the humidor to ensure cigars remain fresh. Maintaining it properly is crucial for accurate readings. Firstly, every couple of months, test its accuracy using the salt test or by comparing it to a known accurate hygrometer. If it's off, recalibrate according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Secondly, gently clean the hygrometer's face with a soft cloth to remove any dust or residue that could affect its readings. Lastly, be mindful of battery-operated digital hygrometers, ensuring that the batteries are changed regularly to prevent leakage and maintain functionality. By taking these steps, you can ensure that your hygrometer provides reliable measurements, enabling you to store cigars in optimal conditions.