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Discover a universe of accessories to optimize your cigar utilization! There are numerous products, such as cigar cases, available at Humidor Station. This type of tobacco accessory has a dual purpose: it will preserve your cigars when you carry them with you, while conferring an undeniable touch of elegance and refinement. Our wide range of materials (such as leather and metal) and different sizes will allow everyone to find the product best suited for him/her. In addition, superb gift sets, featuring a cigar case and other accessories, are also available for sale.


Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items
Showing 1 - 36 of 36 items
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Find the right case for your cigars

If you are a cigar smoker, you know how important it is to have a good case for your cigars. Not only does it protect your cigars from damage, but it also makes them easy to transport and organize. But with so many different types of cases on the... Read more

Which material for its cigar case?

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The color of a cigar case is important. Some of our models are very sober and classy, thanks to their exquisite shades of black, brown and beige. These products can perfectly match your shoes and belt. Others, with more eccentric colors, will easily catch attention. Shape and design are also foremost features of a cigar case. If you generally smoke one cigar a day, our single-cigar case is made for you. Recife products make the cream of the cream leather single-cigar case. If you prefer metal, one of the Myon products will suit you : these consist of cylindrical shapes and bright colors for tobacco enthusiasts of undeniable personality. Depending on the model, cigar cases can hold up to 3 cigars, individually held to ensure perfect preservation. The brands Arts & Volutes and Zino excel in manufacturing this type of products, while Recife has developed a special series for cigarillos (which can hold up to 6). Furthermore, Angelo gift sets contain a complete range of accessories for cigar enthusiasts. In addition to a cigar case, an ashtray and a cigar cutter are provided in these sets.