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When you light up your and consume your well-rolled cigar, it can create an impressive ash of a few centimeters. A cigar ashtray is the essential accessory for the cigar's lover, to enjoy his smoking. Buying such an important object must be done with attention, because you won't change it every week ! Our wide choice of cigar ashtray will delight all cigar's lovers ! You can find sixty different cigar ashtrays, with different shapes, different colors and many styles, so we are sure you have the possibility to find the one that you need ! According with your favorite type and how you consume, your choice may be different !


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Showing 1 - 72 of 74 items
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Find your Cheap Cigar Ashtray on our Online Store

The must-have of the moment is the Havana Club ashtray. Perfect for Havana's lovers, this ashtray is loved by everybody for its retro style. You can find it in a very wide choice of colors, from the most classic to the most original (with colors like purple, pistachio green and orange). You can find it with a square shape giving it a massive aspect, or more commonly in a round shape. Made of ceramic, you can find the Havana Club cigar ashtray with one or two notches (for one or two cigars).
For the heaviest smokers and the biggest budgets, you can find rectangular saucer cigar ashtrays Elie Blue made of porcelain. Thanks to their large reservoir, you can smoke many big cigars before cleaning it up. No need to praise the wonderful colors of the Elie Blue ashtray, especially the Che Guevara red bordeaux ashtray.
At last, the metal ashtray Dupont Maxi Jet is made in a unique design, perfect to decorate a modern interior. The choice of Davidoff ashtray will particularly please glass lovers.