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Created by Rod Kurthy, dentist and engineer as well as researcher, the brand Perfec Cigar Solutions offers accessories to all cigar enthusiasts. Its policy is to offer innovative solutions to the common problems encountered by cigar smokers. Among the products offered, we can mention the PerfectDraw, an accessory that facilitates the drawing of cigars, and the repair glue, a 100% natural and quality product to seal and repair the cigar wrappers that could come off.

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The PerfectDraw is the ideal accessory for cigar lovers! This ingenious device looks like a steel rod with small teeth. Simply insert it into the end of the cigar and twist it slightly to remove excess tobacco and facilitate the draw. This accessory can also be used to hold the end of the cigar to avoid burning your fingers. In 2018, it was awarded by Cigar Journal as accessory of the year, so don't hesitate any longer and treat yourself to the PerfectDraw!

The cigar repair glue is an essential product for all cigar lovers. This bottle of glue will allow you to repair cigar wrappers that have come off for various reasons. Made in the United States with 100% natural and quality ingredients, this glue will allow you to solve common problems encountered with cigar wrappers. Treat yourself to this useful and practical accessory to fully enjoy your cigars!