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Where to put your humidor?

Posted on: 23/01/2023 | Categories: The cigar cabinet

Are you planning to buy or already have a humidor? Did you know that it is important to find the best place to install it? Indeed, there are more or less appropriate places to guarantee the good conservation of your cigars.

Light, but not direct sunlight

While normal temperature fluctuations don't really affect the preservation of your cigars, your humidor should never be installed in direct sunlight. This will inevitably raise the temperature inside. Even if the exposure is short, the humidity level could be affected and the consequences would be dramatic for your cigars.

It is therefore important to avoid storing the humidor near a window, a radiator or an air conditioning system.

No heat, no damp or unheated rooms

While heat directly harms your cigars, cold and humidity are also enemies. In other words, it is strongly advised against keeping your humidor under air conditioning during the summer. The difference in temperature once it is turned off may alter the quality of your cigar.

Moreover, unheated and humid rooms, such as the garage, the bathroom or the cellar are not ideal places to store your cigars. Note that the minimum recommended temperature is 16°C!

But then, where to put your humidor?

The best place is of course in the house. Choose a room that is heated in winter and cool enough in summer. A room located in the north of your home is ideal, because your humidor will be spared the direct rays of the sun and the temperature will normally be regular.

Ideally, consider placing your humidor high up so that a child or pet cannot knock it over or damage it. You can also store it in a closet to be out of sight or out of the sun, but be careful, the temperature must be constant!