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How to fill my cigar lighter ?

Posted on: 03/02/2023 | Categories: The accessories

Do you own a refillable cigar lighter? It's great for your wallet, but also for the environment. However, do you know how to refill it when the gas runs out? Here's an article that shows you how to do it safely.

Precautions to take when refilling a cigar lighter

It seems obvious, but all the steps to fill a cigar lighter, are operations to be carried out outside or in a well ventilated room in order to avoid any problem or serious accident.

Also, avoid filling your lighters in the presence of children and avoid approaching the lighter or the gas canister to the faces of people around you. Also, be aware of heat sources that may be present in the room when you are filling your lighter.

Finally, instructions are available on the lighter gas bottles. Be sure to follow them and respect the manufacturers' recommendations. For example, it is essential to keep the lighter upside down during filling, as well as the gas cylinder.

Empty your cigar lighter well before filling it

You have to press several times on your lighter so that the flame comes out? The flame is less fiery than usual? These are signs that the gas in your lighter is running out. You'll need to refill it soon. But to do this, did you know that it is important to perform an indispensable preliminary step? It is the purging.

How to purge your cigar lighter?

Behind this name a little barbaric, hides in fact an essential technique to be able to fill again the gas of your cigar lighter. The little gas remaining in the lighter does not allow any more the stone to light the flame, but could also prevent you from filling again your tank! Indeed, the pressure contained in the lighter will be so strong that it will prevent the gas of the refill to enter the lighter and this one will be thus dispersed in the air.

It will be necessary then to purge the lighter, that is to say, to leave the totality of the gas which it contains to be able to fill it again. To do this, simply take a small, sharp tool, such as a watchmaker's screwdriver or toothpick, and squeeze the lighter's fill valve until you hear no more noise. This is a sign that the tank is empty.

Refilling your cigar lighter is easy

To refill your cigar lighter, you must have a specific gas bottle for lighters. The ideal is to turn to models zero impurity or premium to ensure the life of your smoking accessory. This is the only type of gas authorized to fill your lighters storm or flashlight. On the cap of the bottle are various tips so that you can use the one that fits your lighter's tank. It is important to use the right tip to ensure that your lighter is filled properly.

Filling your lighter in seconds

Turn down the flame setting to minimum before refilling your lighter. Then, shake the gas canister, then turn your lighter so that it has the head down. Place the tip on the refill valve of the lighter, then press for a few seconds. Repeat once or twice to make sure the lighter is filled. If you hear a hissing sound or see any leaks, the tip does not fit the refill valve. It may also be that it is not positioned correctly. Check with another nozzle before continuing with the refill.

Before relighting, be sure to allow a few minutes for the gas to reach room temperature.