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The different humidification solutions for cigars

Posted on: 25/01/2023 | Categories: The accessories

Most humidors are made of wood. This living material is sensitive to light, heat, but also to humidity. So, to guarantee the good conservation of your cigars, the humidifier is the essential accessory. Zoom on the different existing solutions.

What is the purpose of a humidifier?

Cigars are extremely sensitive to temperature and humidity variations. Well kept in their protective case, the humidor, they are normally stored in an ideal environment. As a reminder, the humidity level should be between 70 and 74%. Below this level, the cigars will become too dry and above this level, they risk going mouldy.

These variations can be caused by the external environment, but also by the more or less regular opening and closing of the cellar. The humidifier will ensure that the humidity level remains constant in your humidor, so that your cigars are ideally preserved.

The different types of humidifiers

There are several different humidifiers. Depending on the type of cellar you have, its size, but also your budget, some solutions are preferable to others. Let's take a look.

Classic and floral foam humidifiers

Generally made of metal, these humidifiers are attached to the cellar lid with a magnetic system. They are available in several versions in order to adapt to all cellar sizes. Some models of classic humidifiers also have a regulation system to limit the humidity to a fixed level (generally 70%). Suitable for medium-sized humidors of 40 to 80 cigars, these devices are as efficient as they are aesthetic. They can be rectangular, square, round or even tube-shaped. They can also be sober or colored.

As for the floral foam models, they act by absorbing excess humidity in the cellar. They require a little priming ritual before use since they must be activated with distilled water. This operation can take a few minutes. These prototypes need to be refilled every 2 weeks or so and you will be required to keep an eye on the humidity level to ensure that the oasis foam humidifier is working properly.

Crystal gel humidifiers

There are ultra-absorbent gels that it would be a shame to go without in the cigar world! That's why some humidors are designed with crystal gel. Just like oasis foam humidors, they require priming before use. However, it is also much faster.

Gel humidifiers should be refilled every 2-4 weeks depending on the product. They should also be changed every year, as the propylene glycol in them evaporates over time

Electronic humidifiers

Electronic humidifiers are more expensive than conventional models. However, they can set the humidity level more precisely. They are also equipped with a fan. It is up to you to determine the desired humidity level and when it falls below this level, the device automatically switches on.

This type of device does not require any particular maintenance. It is also silent and works for several months. Electronic humidifiers are more often rectangular and quite imposing in relation to the cellar itself.

Humidifiers in bags

There are also humidification systems in bags for humidors. This is a great revolution in the field, since in addition to choosing the rate, they are safe, effective and very accessible for small humidors.

To use it, simply place one or more bags in your humidor, depending on the number of cigars you want to keep. This system is ready to use and must be replaced approximately every two months.