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Humidor-Station, online shop for cigar accessories and gifts

Cigar humidor, cigar cutter and lighter of great brands

On Humidor-Station, you are at the right place for the aficionados that you are. Feel free to browse through the site to discover the extent of our range. Here, we offer you the sale of cigar humidors, cigar lighters, cigar cases, and everything you need for the maintenance of your cigars, because when you have a passion for cigars, you want the best. We also offer other gift items such as Akteo watches and Lampe Berger diffusers, of exceptional quality and standing. You will also appreciate our Zippo lighters, the famous timeless storm lighter. You will never have been so proud to light your cigar and will be admired by your friends and family! All you have to do is to let yourself be carried away by the richness of our products, real branded cigar accessories that will accompany you in your daily activities and your business trips.

Humidor Station, our passion loves you

Numerous brands are represented on the site such as the cigar accessories brands Boveda, Dunhill and its magnificent cigar humidor made of oak wood with a silver handle which makes it very handy. The prestigious brand of humidor Élie Bleu will personalize the fragrance of your cigars and will allow to maintain the perfect humidity for your cigars. The brand Xikar is also very well represented with a very affordable humidor of incomparable quality as well as modern style ashtrays. The brand also proposes a very beautiful chrome cigar lighter with a triple torch flame and a gas level indicator. Lamborghini exposes you its luxurious refillable cigar lighters with automatic ignition. The cigar cases of the brand Arts & Volutes, made of leather will sublimate the presentation of your cigars at a very affordable price

Service and quality are at the rendezvous

We deliver to most European countries as well as some destinations in the world. Moreover, we commit ourselves to ship your items within 24 hours, provided that they are in stock. Delivery times vary according to the country of destination and are indicated at the time of purchase. Your payment by credit card is secure. And if, in spite of the exceptional quality of our products, you were not satisfied and did not wish to benefit from them any more, we propose to you to return them to us under 15 days and we offer you the possibility of exchanging them or refunding them to you.

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